Technical Writing & Documentation

As a technical writer, I have written a wide variety of technical documentation. I often create and include custom screenshot examples in Photoshop.

I have developed, written, and edited:

  • Technical product descriptions
  • Software tutorials
  • Help guides
  • Orientation manuals
  • Troubleshooting manuals
  • On-hover tool-tips for websites
  • Class handouts
  • Trade magazine articles

Professional experience:

  • Authored industry-standard font installation tutorial that was downloaded 150K+ times.
  • Break down complicated processes, communicate technical information to both IT and layman audiences.
  • Proactively rewrote and edited 40-page technical training manual and orientation guide to ensure consistent communication during procedural training.
  • Collaborated with programmer and senior administrator to compile technical information.
  • Developed and edited user guides for AS/400 procedures with custom screenshots and step-by-step directions for department-wide use.
  • Translated cryptic programmer notes into understandable terms with easy-to-follow directions
  • Assess content needs and synthesize copy from multiple high-level sources, such as product specifications, creative briefs, and customer feedback.
  • Contributed monthly articles to trade magazine, explaining technical concepts to non-techie retailers.

Writing examples available upon request

  • TUTORIAL: “How to Find Group Job Discussions on LinkedIn”
  • ORIENTATION GUIDE: “Next Steps” – Guide to assist distributors on “next steps” in setup process
  • ORIENTATION GUIDE: “Intro Packet” – Guide to assist distributors through the setup process to being reporting EDI sales data to manufacturers
  • TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION: “Customer Education Letter” – letter to retailers explaining an industry-standard identification process, and why they may be contacted in the near future.
  • TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION: “Technical Bulletin”